International Conference on Memristive Phenomena in Chalcogenides and Beyond

Including the final workshop of the SFB 917

Berchtesgaden, Germany May 22nd—25th, 2023

The Events

Memristive phenomena have the potential to enable novel computer architectures. Such developments are urgently needed to reduce the increasing energy consumption in information technology. Chalcogenides offer an exciting material platform to realize memristive functionalities by exploiting changes in atomic configurations, in particular the phase and valence of oxides and higher chalcogenides. To realize the full potential and pave the way for such technology, ultra-high scalability, fast switching kinetics, high endurance, and long retention times must be realized. This requires a microscopic understanding of the switching mechanism in these oxides and higher chalcogenides. This conference will discuss memristive phenomena with emphasis on the underlying atomistic mechanisms and corresponding switching kinetics, their scalability, and potential failure modes. A systematic understanding of the underlying material properties will be presented that could ultimately enable novel brain-like functions through neuromorphic computing. This will contribute to the design and adaptation of fast, non-volatile memories as well as energy-efficient devices. These are the main goals to unlock the technological potential of this unconventional class of materials. This international conference will highlight both recent achievements and future trends.

Plenary Speakers

Lambert Alff TU Darmstadt, Germany
Volker Deringer Oxford University
Ho Won Jang SNU, Korea
Tony Kenyon Univ. London, GB
Bert Kooi Univ. Groningen, Netherlands
Aron Lindenberg SLAC @ Stanford, USA
Pierre Noe CEA Grenoble
Beatriz Noheda Univ. Groningen, Netherlands
Bilge Yildiz MIT, USA

In addition to the plenary talks, there will be a series of highlight talks from the SFB 917 as well as selected contributed lectures.

Organization committee

Daniele Ielmini Politecnico Milano, Italy
Themis Prodromakis Univ. Edinburgh, Great Britain
Matthias Wuttig RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Regina Dittmann FZ Jülich, Germany
Rainer Waser RWTH Aachen University & FZ Jülich, Germany

Administrative Organisation

AlpenCongress, Berchtesgaden


The workshop will be held at the AlpenCongress/congress hall of Berchtesgaden. Berchtesgaden is located in southeast of Germany in the State of Bavaria and borders on the Austrian state of Salzburg.

Ways to Berchtesgaden:


Conference programme

Mon, May 22nd

Morning and afternoon: Presentations

Evening: Welcome Reception & Poster Session

Tue, May 23rd

Morning: Presentations

Afternoon: Individual Excursions
(Recommendations will be provided)

Evening: Conference Dinner

Wed, May 24th

Morning and afternoon: Presentations

Thu, May 25th

Morning: Presentations and Farewell


Registration fee by April 15, 2023 (after April 15, 2023). The registration fee includes the participation in the sessions, lunch and refreshments during the coffee breaks as well as during the welcome reception:

Participant: 290 € (340 €)

Student / PhD Student: 240 € (290 €)

Conference dinner: 60 €

The dinner will be at the Gasthaus Neuhaus, Berchtesgaden. The fee includes a three-course meal and two drinks.

Please note that the number of participants of this conference is limited.

Online registration

Important Dates and Deadlines

Deadline of abstracts: April 15, 2023.
Please send your abstract to

The acceptance of the abstracts as posters or as contributed talks will be announced by May 5.

End of early registration: April 15, 2023

Further Information and Correspondence
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Tel: +49-241-80 27 812


Please contact the tourist office of Berchtesgaden:

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